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Powerful Ways to Create Harmony Within Yourself and Around You.

06 January, 2021

            Powerful Ways to Create Harmony Within Yourself and Around You.

In a world where we are constantly bombarded by negativity, now more than ever, it has become crucial to create harmony within ourselves and our immediate circle of friends and family.

It is so easy to fall prey to the negativity and the urge to descend into the depths of darkness but you would best serve the world by becoming a beacon of light in this darkness for those beloved ones around you as well as for yourself. The following are two of the best ways to create that harmony within and without you…

Meditate on Mindfulness and a Sense of Gratitude

A wonderful way to create peace within yourself is to begin a daily ritual of meditating. Take 20 to 30 minutes for yourself and go within. Many people get intimidated by the word meditation. They believe that because they cannot seem to stop their thoughts once they try and sit with themselves that there is automatically something wrong with them and they give up. It takes a while to conquer the “chattering monkeys”, as I tend to call them. Those never ending streams of nonsensical thoughts. But, with time and discipline, anyone can achieve meditation. It simply means to quiet the mind by refocusing your thoughts onto one main thought. I like to make that thought about gratitude. I sit, quietly, and let the highway of thoughts zoom by until the traffic begins to slow down.

Your first crack at meditating will feel like you’re in the middle of a highway during rush hour. Then, with time and discipline, it will slowly get to the point of feeling more like a Sunday drive through the country. Adding a focus to your mediation usually helps to quiet the thoughts.

I choose gratitude. So, while millions of thoughts are rushing through my mind as I sit in silence, I say to myself, “I am grateful for the wonders you offer my life every day. I am grateful for the loving relationships I hold close to my heart….” I enumerate all the things that I am grateful for. You will come to feel your mind beginning to eliminate the noise and, after a while, all you will hear is your voice enumerating your thoughts of gratitude and becoming filled with a sense of peace.

As you become more peaceful, your resilience to the outside forces will strengthen and you will become a beacon of peace for yourself and others around you.


Repel Negativity

This is probably the most efficient way to create harmony within yourself and your relationships but you may also find it to be the most challenging, as negativity is today’s epidemic. It is subtle at times but constant and overwhelmingly present in everything we do and everywhere we look.

I will not waste time spelling out the examples within this text as I would probably end up making my fingers bleed at exhausting the situations that relate negativity to our world…so I will spare the both of us from this task.

What I will underline, is that it is also a conscious choice that we make when we choose to listen, repeat or propagate negativity. The music we “choose” to listen to, the television programs we “choose” to watch and the people and situations we “choose” to include in our lives and engage with is greatly of our own resolve.

We may have become accustomed to much of what we do today, as an automated processing of sorts, but we should realize that it is still in our power to decide what these choices will be, moving forward.

Become aware of the negativity that you filter, unconsciously, throughout the day. Start taking notes everyday of all the negativity you encounter. From the colleague you bump into in the office kitchen, who is loudly blasting his supervisor, to all the “bad” news you get inundated with like clockwork at 5 every evening as you prepare your dinner.

All of this negativity imprints itself deep into our subconscious minds and often influences our moods and state of being.We become so unaware of the subtlety of its weight on ourselves. Turn things around. Become aware and make some changes. Choose music that calms your soul. Television that lifts your spirits.

Read a book that inspires you or motivates you to evolve in a positive way. Choose people and situations that nurture your being and that help you grow in ways you always wished you could.

Be aware of the negativity that surrounds you and then begin to repel it.

Make the switch. When you hear negativity, try finding the positive twist to the situation instead of engaging in the downward spiral that negativity usually creates.

Soon, you will notice that you have less and less of those negative people and situations around you and you will begin to attract likeminded individuals and positive situations.

Give it a try…even if only for a day. You’ll be better off for it.

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