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The Birth Of The Rebelicious Movement

06 January, 2021

            The Birth Of The Rebelicious Movement

What do you get when you mix the rebelious roar of the lioness with the decadently delicious sweetness of the woman who lives her life with authenticity and truth? 

You get a Rebelicious woman!

I have spent an entire lifetime balancing my careful steps in this world between the "correct" amount of female strength and sweetness.

From our very first breath, women are taught to be sweet, cordial, accomodating, etc... we are never taught to be strong-willed, determined, committed to goals and to the achievement of our dreams.

We are conditioned to place value on comforting others and placing everyone else above our own joy. The care "giver", the care "taker".

The definition of a "movement" is as such: a movement is a group of people with a shared purpose who create change together!

Most movements I have known have been for external causes. The gathering of beings "against" or "for" some common goal. But, what if we created a movement that inspired people to gather around a cause that focuses on inwardly causes and goals?

I wanted to create a movement that was about empowering the minds, hearts and souls of women all around the world but in a unique way that inspires them to go inwards. Create an inner sanctuary of peace, joy and rebeliciousness.

I wanted to make them feel unique, special and inspired by creating beautiful pieces of clothing and accessories that spoke to them and their uniqueness. I wanted to provide tools, tips, articles, products and services, under one umbrella, where they could find refuge, growth and inner evolution. 



This website will be a dynamic evolution of this movement that grows within me. I am an artist, an entrepreneur, a teacher, a spirit of many facets and I want to create a place where women can come to learn, to grow, to feel beautiful, to be inspired and empowered to dream and to live a life full of wonder.

In the next few months, Rebelicious will grow and continue its evolution. More products and collections will be added. Different courses, focused on inspiring and empowering women to feel stronger and more in tune with themselves, will be developed and added to this website. 

Inspiring and empowering articles will be added on a regular basis to fuel the goal of moving inwards and growing our inner santuaries together.

I am passionate about the empowerment of my fellow Rebelicious Lionesses and will thrive to develop a place and a movement that inspires and empowers them each to reach for their most precious dreams and to live a life filled with joy.

Stay tuned!

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